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 where is Jelly?...

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PostSubject: where is Jelly?...   Fri Jun 19, 2009 10:50 pm

Her name is Jelly. She is my beloved kitten. She is the daughter of my cat Nelly.
She is born under my feet. yes under my feet. One time I fell asleep on our sala, then when I woke up that morning,
I felt Nelly under my feet. But then I noticed that there is something moving under my feet aside from nelly. Then that's it. Jelly was born. At first, she looks like a mouse, because of her dark color. But she's cute

By the way, she was born 1 week after my motorcycle accident. I had that accident this march 19. (another story for that) then jelly was born exactly after 1 week, which is march 26.

I named her jelly because her birth gave me a new hope, a new life after a tragic accident.
Jelly came from the word Jesus Only. Je-ly = Jelly. Jesus saved me from that death.

I had a nice bonding with my Cat and my kitten. I love them so much and I enjoy them so much. Actually they have their space on my bed. In short, they are sleeping with me. beside me. That close.

Everytime I see them playing each other, It removes my worries and It gives me such joy.
It clears my mind. It relaxes my spirit. Yeah, As I see it,. that was God's love.

There was a time when Nelly (her mother) acts irresponsibly. Nelly pee and poo everywhere inside our house.
She repeatedly doing it, Then my parents decided to tie her outside. Nelly was tied up out side for 2 weeks. storm and climate passes, Jelly was there. I saw jelly sleeping with her mom, She exchanged her heat. comforting her. That's how she love her mom. In short, she is a lovely type of pet.

Jelly became so close to me. I really love her.
I know it when she was hungry. She will look for me then stare at me and cry.
I even know the exact tone of her voice and cry. And the way she played with me.
Everyday I always heard her cry everytime she was hungry.

But one day. June 18.
It was actually a normal day as I woke up.
I ate my breakfast, I use internet, just like the usual,
Then I take some self photographs then uploaded it to my friendster.
As the day passed by, it is evening,. the sun is out when I just realize that, I haven't heard the voice
of Jelly that whole day. And that started me from thinking something. I ask my parents if they saw her
but they didn't. That time, I grabbed a flash light and started looking for Jelly. I started worrying. I don't know
where she is. I cannot see her. Then my father advised me to continue the search tomorrow, because its already dark. He said maybe she was just out there. Ok. then I slept. Next morning. this day. march 19. I continue the search. But still, I can't find her.

For me,. Right now. I just can't believe it. I don't know why.
I don't how it happens. I don't even heard a single cry if ever she was hurt that day.
If there is something that plays around my mind right now. It is a question, saying "Where is she??".....
Jelly just disappeared with just a simple snap. Just like a rapture.
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PostSubject: Re: where is Jelly?...   Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:13 pm

i'm so touched by your story .. ^^

hmm ..

God has trying to point out some things ..

no matter how we love the person,animal or thing is,,
we should learn to sacrifice ..

as what you said,
Jelly is a God's instrument for you..^^

hmm ..

we'll just pray that you will find Jelly ..


just PRAY!! :]

keep the FIRE burning in your heart..♥️
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PostSubject: Re: where is Jelly?...   Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:12 pm

aw. sana mahanap mu xa kuya. aw. naman. pag pray naten..
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PostSubject: Re: where is Jelly?...   

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where is Jelly?...
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