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 Comfort and Power by: Jeanette Wilson

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PostSubject: Comfort and Power by: Jeanette Wilson   Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:34 pm

As I browsed my facebook, I saw this story. Smile. Allow me to share it to you. Smile

A child was telling her Father that her Brother had just saved her life. Her Father was very pleased and her Brother smiling said, "Sister, I have a gift for you. He will be with you forever." And He gave her a horse who was magnificent. Her brother said, "I have named Him Comfort and Power."

Her Father looking on said, "Here is a book of instruction. Go and tell everyone what your Brother has done for you. Whenever you want you may return and refresh yourself and also Comfort and Power. Then we can visit."

The child in her excitement, quickly grabbed a bit for Comfort and Power and led Him with the reins. She thought I can go in any direction, left or right or straight ahead. She would miss Father and Brother but she had Comfort and Power to accompany her.

She chose the left path. Her heart was so full of joy that she felt very powerful. The further she went she noticed that Comfort and Power grew weaker. It was a struggle for her to control Comfort and Power. However, she wanted to please Father and Brother by doing what they had asked.

She saw a group of people ahead gathered in a field. So, she ran toward them dragging Comfort and Power with her. When she started to speak her words were all mixed up and she was sorry she could not express the joy she felt in her heart. The child managed to tell what her Brother had done for her and wanted the people to come and see Father and Brother for themselves. But, the people looked at her with confusion and no enthusiasm. She and Comfort and Power left.

By this time it was getting dark and the child was very tired. She did not understand why the people did not receive her news with great joy. Comfort and Power was weak and she remembered what Father had said, "Come and refresh yourself along with Comfort and Power whenever you like."

The child missed Father and Brother. Comfort and Power did not seem very comforting or powerful just now.
She looked around and realized she had forgotten the instruction book Father had given her. Suddenly she felt so alone. But, a small still voice who thought was her Brother said, "Release control of Comfort and Power. He will lead you home."

The child climbed on Comfort and Power's back and let go of the reins. Suddenly, He was very powerful and took the child straight to Father and Brother. It was so effortless that they seemed to have wings.

At once she saw Father with His arms open wide and Brother on His right praying for His sister. She saw the instruction book still in Fathers' hand and realized how foolish she had been to think she could go and tell without it.
They ate and visited together and the child and Comfort and Power were ready to go and tell as Father and Brother had asked. Father said, "Child, you cannot do anything by yourself and in your own strength. This is why Brother saved your life and gave you Comfort and Power. Trust in Him. He will empower you for your task."

The child was very happy and started the second day of her new life with Comfort and Power in control which she received from her Brother and the instruction book that Father had given her.
Suddenly, she found herself on a mountaintop. There she soaked in the book Father had given her. Oh how wonderful and nourishing the words were.

At times she experienced much sadness over faults and failures of hers pointed out in the book. But, it was not long until waves of forgiveness swept over her and a new understanding developed in the child's heart.
Comfort and Power was helping the child understand the book and they would talk about it and visit Father and Brother often.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months as the child prepared to serve others as the book instructed. Comfort and Power was teaching and empowering her just as Father had said.

There was a continued longing and desire to go and tell others about Brother. She knew that Father had placed it there in her heart. The desire to tell others became stronger and stronger each day. It was like an aching in her soul that would not go away.

The child looked down in the valley and noticed people wandering around as if lost. She and Comfort and Power went to see Father and Brother and discuss what she should do.

Holy, Holy, Holy. The child had not noticed before the holiness of Father and Brother. The light shining forth from them was so bright she found herself on her knees in worship. She started to sing like she never knew she could and soar as if one in flight. Father God, Holy, Holy, Holy. Brother Jesus, Savior, Friend, Lord, Alpha & Omega, Bright and Morning Star, Holy, Holy, Holy. Comfort and Power was giving the child new understanding, a new language, and new sight of beings in the heavenlies.

She did not want to leave. Oh what bliss. This was her future. Comfort and Power told the child there would be many visits like this but she was needed back in the valleys and yes even the mountaintops where she could tell other. Remember, Go and Tell.

Still the child did not want to go back. She wanted to please Father and Brother though, so she asked Comfort and Power to give her the strength and wisdom to go back and tell others about Brother.

Brother said, "There are others like you. I want you to go and encourage them. Visit and fellowship with them as you do with Father and I. We are all One. There are some on the mountaintops and some in the valleys. Share with them My message of go and tell to the remotest parts of the earth. Time is short. The time is now. Hurry new and Comfort and Power will show you the way. Just ask and it will be given unto you, seek and you will find Me always."

The child felt the longing in her heart again, just like before. She knew it was the same longing as Father had in His heart. Allowing Comfort and Power control of her life, the child set out to find the others as Brother had asked.

to be continued.....
Father - God
Brother - Jesus
Comfort and Power - Holy Spirit
Field - world
Instruction Book - Bible

-- God bless. Smile
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Comfort and Power by: Jeanette Wilson
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